An introduction to walking netball

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for walking sports. These are sports that require less intense movement, that have been inspired by regular sports and are ideal for older participants or those with mobility problems. One such walking sport is walking netball.

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What is walking netball?

Walking netball is just like regular netball, but played at a slower pace. Instead of running around the court, the players walk, which makes it ideal for older netball fans. The walking element also means that this sport can be played by people with health problems which make running difficult.

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Whatever your fitness level, walking netball is a possibility. Many people who played the sport as a youngster but who now feel too unfit to participate can play walking netball and enjoy all the skill and fun without the stamina and fitness demands that regular netball has.

The social side

In addition to the skill of the game, walking netball is a great way to socialise and meet other people. This can be great for older people who are looking for ways to get out and meet others.

Walking netball is also a great stepping stone for people looking to return to the game after a long break but who don’t feel confident enough to try regular netball.

Skill development

Walking netball players benefit from all the usual training efforts in terms of skill development. Players need to learn how to pass, shoot, defend and position themselves on the court. For these purposes, netball training videos can often be useful. Training videos, such as those available at, give guidance on tactical elements of the game.

Growth of netball

There has been a huge boom in interest in netball recently and there are hopes it will soon become an Olympic sport. Walking netball is part of the boom in interest and many younger walking netballers could go on to become regular netball players as their fitness and confidence level improves.

Walking versions of many sports are highly popular these days as people look to ways to improve their fitness slowly. Older people can maintain their interest in the sports of their youth and continue using their sporting skills. Youngsters can get introduced to the sport in a more gentle way and move onto the regular version as they improve their skills.