How to stop your floors from squeaking

If you have ever woken up because of the sound of someone stepping on a squeaking floorboard, you will know how annoying it can be.

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This problem is so common that the BBC wrote an article about it:

However, there are a number of ways to solve this challenge as outlined below.

1.      Using a Shim

If you have access to underneath the floorboards, you can gently insert a shim – a small piece of wedged wood between the joist and the floorboard – and then seal with adhesive.

2.      Filling Gaps with Adhesive

If the squeak is going along the length of the floorboard, adhesive can be applied to the small gap between the joist and the floorboard.

3.      Attach a Board to the Hoist

You can also you can attach a board to the joist using nails on the underside of the floorboards of your waterproof laminate flooring.

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4.      Repairing Squeaks from Above

You can use a product called Squeak No More, which is a kit that uses a small tripod and nails that can be attached to carpeting and hidden, reducing the squeaking noise.

5.      Lubricating the Board

Lift your waterproof laminate flooring from Then pour lubricant between the gaps of the floorboards. You will then need to use a fine powder such as talcum and then press a cloth over to help work the lubricant into the floorboards.

These are just a few of the many tips out there for stopping squeaking floorboards.