The Kratom User’s Guide

Kratom is always used as a substitute for opium and is also used during the period of withdrawal from opium. Today we find more and more single witness on the internet (especially in forums) made by individuals who have taken Kratom as an expedient against opium withdrawal symptoms. On the other side is often reported the same symptoms, which occur during opium withdrawal, only that they appear less severe and of shorter duration. Some people reported suffering from minor depression after quitting which makes it more difficult.

A study of this, we are told, used mitragynine instead of methadone. Reported that in New Zealand were given mitragynine addicts instead of methadone to treat addiction. This story is the first time taken on the “Ibogaine Story”, but it’s also still the only reference. In the absence of other references to this study apparently never carried out and the story.

According to a study reported in New Zealand, the patient will smoke each time Kratom, when withdrawal symptoms began to appear. This treatment should last 6 weeks, and reports of sightings of visualization at night in the form of a hypnagogic dream alive. Dana Beal, a “Cures not Wars” Activists of the United States has made ​​the suggestion during the trial period Ibogain at the meeting “Australian National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee”, for use in the study mitragynine as a placebo for comparison purposes. Her suggestion was rejected on the grounds that although much less is known about mitragynine than about ibogaine.

In the record of the meeting said that no entry can be found at mitragynine or Kratom study in New Zealand, and that both mitragynine nor Kratom is a registered product in New Zealand. This false assumption could be generated from the report and Prast Jansen (1988), as they write in their article that Kratom plays a special role as a substitute methadone withdrawal program. Jansen and Prast has conducted research at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, so that Beal possibly may have misinterpreted this article. Visit here to buy best kratom.

Ibogaine and mitragynine are chemically similar, but different effect modes. In addition to its use for treating addiction is not the same. Ibogaine is intended to be used only once and dependence should be cured after a single prescription, while Kratom is used to treat addiction to drugs bit by bit. Advantages of Kratom are, that are legally available in most countries and that the withdrawal is safer and simpler, but not according to scientific reports. These statements are still to be proven scientifically. But we must always consider the effect of making Kratom depend on itself, if taken in the long term and in high doses.