I Have a New Job

I have been really busy of late. Of course I am working to get into university and trying to earn some money so that I shall be able to afford it when I do get in. Obviously the money is a big deal, but I have been able to get some extra work aside from the job I have working in the shop. Right next door to where I work there is an aesthetic doctor in Singapore and the doctors and nurses come in all of the time, so I have gotten to know some of them fairly well. At any rate I am always studying when things are not busy and that is how the one doctor came to start talking to me about my studies. I told him that I was hoping to get in the medical field, but I really did not think that I would ever be able to afford to get into medical school. Of course I also sort of think that it is too much of a stretch for me academically as well. You put all of that effort in it and then maybe you are not able to accomplish the goal.

At any rate he decided to sort of help me, although only in the sense that he got me a better job helping out at a moving company. Honestly I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic so far. It is really tough to get any place in Singapore in a big moving van. I took a long nap the first day I did this and no one cared. It was all pretty easy that day. We spent a lot of time going up and down an elevator, but the actual work was fairly easy. The next time all of the stuff was heavy and there were stairs.