Rustic Chandeliers

Simply speaking, a chandelier is a hanging light fixture mostly used over a dining table or the main sitting place, such as a living room or a meeting room. If you want to add a touch of antiqueness and royalty to a room, getting a rustic chandelier can help you. Create a statement with this piece of art that speaks itself and complements the whole area around it. 

rustic chandelier emphasizes reminding the American West old style through the use of wrought iron, wood, and Edison styled bulbs. These are the characteristic features of the rustic chandeliers. Let’s see some of the designs of rustic chandeliers and how they fit in a room to beautify the whole space.

Wooden Chandeliers

These are often crafted in a way to let the natural beauty of the wood speak itself. The wood is often timber or pine wood and is left unpolished to accentuate that rustic, antique style. You can put them to use in rooms with high ceilings and antique furniture. 

Beaded Chandeliers

These chandeliers speak of details when it comes to adding depth to a room. A fringy rope with the use of distressed beads adds to the country touch of the light fixture. The fixture looks great in minimalistic settings with a vintage touch.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

These are made from classic black wrought iron that looks royal and adds depth to the room. They would go well with the decor in farmhouses.  

White Lamp Chandeliers

These act as the best counterpart to rooms having heavy furniture and color. You can use them to balance rooms with brightly colored features and low ceilings to add space and dimension.


Crafted from deer antlers, these chandeliers work best in wooden cottages or rooms with dark carpets and hunting gears. 

How To Pick The Right Rustic Chandelier For Your Room?

These were some major types of rustic chandeliers. Now, there are two ways from which you can select how to decorate your room with the use of these chandeliers. 

You either choose the type that matches the furniture and surroundings or go for a chandelier that completely contrasts the colors and texture of the surrounding furniture. For example, you can use a wrought iron chandelier in a white-painted, minimalistic room to add some depth.  

The key element while selecting is to pick the one that will add to the beauty of the space and does not steal all the attention itself.