Too Many Birds in the Parking Structure

My husband manages the shopping plaza that I prefer to shop at for most of the things we need. At least once a week, I will make a day of it to go there. I will shop for a few hours in the morning, then I will meet him for a late lunch in one of the three restaurants there. I always park in the parking garage because it is easy access for the end of my day trip there. I told my husband a few months ago that some kind of bird control was needed in there because there were bird droppings not only in the structure but on the sidewalks surrounding it.

He rarely uses the parking garage, and no one else had come to him with this complaint before. After I told him, he did a personal inspection of each level of the parking garage. He told his maintenance staff that he was going to contract a company that specializes in bird problems rather than have them take care of the problem, and they were all relieved to hear this. They had been cleaning the garage as often as they could, but they were never able to get ahead of the problem because of the amount of birds there.

My husband called a bird control company to come inspect the parking garage, and they were able to tell him what he wanted to hear. They knew they could get rid of the birds without causing them any harm, and the price they quoted was very fair. What they did with the bird netting does not stop the birds from coming in from time to time, but there is no longer anywhere for them to perch. The last few times I was there, I saw no evidence that any birds were there at all!