I Am Getting Started on This Home

It is going to take me a long time, perhaps nine months or more. That is not due exactly to the amount of work to be done, but instead the fact that I shall have to do it myself and I shall have to do it when the time and money are available. I shall need to find someone who will give me a good price on HVAC near me. I used to know a guy who would do that stuff on his spare time so long as you kept the IRS out of the loop. From what I have been able to tell he is living with his daughter somewhere in the South. The fact of the matter is that the place is not really in that bad of a condition. If you look at it uncritically, the place looks bad and then you wonder why the seller did not try to resolve any of the more obvious troubles with the place.

From what I can tell the heir to the place simply had no time for fixing this place up. They were living hundreds of miles away and apparently wealthy enough that the money the house was worth did not make much impact for them. More to the point they did not need the money they would have gained by doing the work required to get the best price you could for this place. Lots of people have time for this sort of thing, but in fact I only have spare time to do it and I can live in the place while I do it. I need to fix a couple of basic things immediately, but most of it is stuff that I can let wait until the time is right. More to the point it shall take money to fix things.